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Ghost Pen for Cryptocurrency Private Keys and Passwords


It's time to make your crypto invisible!

The Ghost pen is the ultimate way to hide your Private keys and passwords. It is a waterproof Invisible ink marker that makes it difficult for anyone to see your writing. It comes attached with a Built-in UV light to reveal your hidden text clearly, which ensures your total privacy and security against someone trying to steal your crypto. 

  • Size 3" x 1.36" (inches) 
  • Invisible ink almost impossible to remove
  • Built-in UV Black light
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for The Stonebook
  • Writes on Metal, wood, plastic, and certain papers
  • UV light Battery lasts 6-12 months (varies)
  • World Wide Shipping
  • Orders ship within 48 Hours (weekdays)
  • Discreet Packaging
  • International orders subject to customs & duties

Store 50+ Crypto wallet's

* Private Keys   

​* Recovery Phrases  

* Seed Phrases​

* Usernames & Passwords  

​* 2FA's  (Two-Factor Authentication)

​* Notes 

* Shieldcrypt


Take your crypto seed phrase storage to the next level and pair the Stonebook with the Ghost Pen! The Ghost Pen protects you from revealing your information by using special ghost ink to hide plain text. The text is only clearly legible in UV Light and specific lighting conditions.


Protection from:

* Lurking eyes

* Photo snapshots

* Search & seizure confiscation

* Nosy people

* Waterproof


Shieldcrypt works by concealing critical characters of your cryptocurrency private key, making it useless to a thief. Shieldcrypt technology is integrated into the Stonebook (at the end of the notebook) and provides an additional layer of protection. It works by providing customers with a method of manually encrypting their private keys. This way if someone does have access to your Stonebook they will not be able to read or understand your manually encrypted private key because they will not be able to decrypt or decipher it on their own.

Ghost Pen for Cryptocurrency Private Keys and Passwords


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tom D
Writing Tip Too Soft/Thick

I like the concept of the ghost pen with the combined light and pen, but falls short on execution. The writing tip of the pen is too soft/thick such that it can be difficult to write legible characters in the space provided in the stonebook. Would prefer a firmer and finer writing tip on the pen that would make it easier to print small legible characters in the space provided in the stonebook, as well as to stand up to prolonged use. I've only used the pen a few times and already contemplating shopping for other similar pens that perform the same function, yet are more durable and produce more legible characters.

Harry Swank
Good, not great

For me and how I write, it is a bit thick when writing and I had to be really careful. I also realized to really see what you write I got a light that was able to clip to my desk.

PE Rake
Ghost pen too thick

I love the book but the pen is too thick and it’s hard to write legibly with it - I ended up using a pencil instead

Ellengton Carasco
In plain sight

Love that video can leave it out in plain sight for easy access & it's oblivious to everyone else.

Onnor Cisco
Wish it had a finer point

The ghost pen is a great concept. I write small and because the tip is felt it causes you my letters and numbers to run over each other.