My wife trashed my crypto wallet seed phrase so I invented the Shieldfolio Stonebook
My wife trashed my crypto wallet seed phrase so I invented the Shieldfolio Stonebook
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Compatible with any Hardware wallet, allowing you to effortlessly manage your crypto assets in one place.


Vanish your writing from prying eyes and outsmart thieves by keeping your keys hidden and secure with its invisible magic.

Encrypting private keys with the Cipher Shieldcrypt in Stonebook


With Shieldcrypt Encryption, your private keys are shielded through the clever masking of password hint questions. This advanced technique ensures ultimate protection, even if the Stonebook lands into the wrong hands.

Packaging shieldfolio stonebooks ready to get shipped to the customer in black mailer bags


Rest assured that your shipment remains completely confidential with our no-branding packaging process, designed to maintain utmost discretion and privacy.

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Shieldfolio - "The Future of Fortified Crypto Security"

Redefine Hot & Cold wallet backups in crypto security with our Stonebook ®️, an innovative crypto notebook engineered to safeguard your digital wealth. This impenetrable, entirely offline seed phrase notebook, fortified with Shieldcrypt encryption, presents a cutting-edge approach to crypto wallet protection. Cherished by crypto enthusiast globally, it's the safest solution for secure storage of your seed phrases, private keys, and BIP39 mnemonic phrases for any crypto wallet.

Stonebook ®️ provides unparalleled peace of mind in the cryptocurrency sphere. Its water and tear-resistant durable Stone Paper, combined with Shieldcrypt encryption, guarantees the preservation of your crypto assets. With global shipping, become part of the community trusting Stonebook ®️ for their seed phrase storage. Secure your future with us today.