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Stonebook ™ Notebook for bitcoin and cryptocurrency private keys and passwords on a white background
Stonebook ™ Notebook recording private keys and seed phrases for cryptocurrency accounts
Stonebook ™ Notebook page used to record a cryptocurrency recovery phrase or seed phrase with a place for notes at the bottom on white background
Stonebook ™ Notebook page to record your private key from a hardware wallet with a notes section at the bottom on a white background
Stonebook ™ Notebook a page to record login information for cryptocurrency with a place for notes on the bottom on a white background
A page from the Stonebook ™ Notebook to encrypt your private key with shieldcrypt using a password description key to keep your information private
A lined page from the Stonebook ™ Notebook where you and write any additional information about your cryptocurrency
A picture of the Stonebook ™ Notebook having water poured on it, demonstrating it's water resistant pages
A picture showing that Stonebook ™ Notebook is resistant to tearing to help protect your passwords, passphrases and other sensitive information
Typing a passphrase from the Stonebook ™ Notebook into a computer to unlock a crypto wallet
A Stonebook ™ Notebook lying on a white background at an angle

Stonebook ™ Notebook for Cryptocurrency Private Keys


FREE Ghost Pen included 👻 

Have you backed up your wallet mnemonic phrase? Do you have paper wallets of private keys scattered everywhere? Well, don't worry, there's a Safer solution now. Introducing The Shieldfolio Stonebook, a 100% Offline Notebook that allows you to back up your entire Digital Fortune on Durable Water and tear-resistant pages. Throw it in your safe, and never worry about losing your Cryptocurrency again. Matches perfect with the Ghost pen 👻 for added privacy (included for a limited time only). 

Store 50+ Crypto wallet's

* Private Keys   

​* Recovery Phrases  

​* Usernames & Passwords  

​* 2FA's  (Two-Factor Authentication)

​* Notes 


The Ghost Pen protects you from revealing your information by using special ghost ink to hide plain text. The text is only clearly legible in UV Light and specific lighting conditions.


Protection from:

* Lurking eyes

* Photo snapshots

* Search & seizure confiscation

* Nosy people

* Waterproof


Shieldcrypt works by concealing critical characters of your cryptocurrency private key, making it useless to a thief.

Stonebook ™ Notebook for bitcoin and cryptocurrency private keys and passwords on a white background

Stonebook ™ Notebook for Cryptocurrency Private Keys



You have questions. We have answers.

  • Is the Stonebook Secure?

    Stonebook is as secure as you want it to be. It can be stored in a safe, or kept on you personally when using the Shieldcrypt encryption or Ghost Ink.

  • Can't I Just Use A Notebook To Write Keys In?

    Of course! But you are putting your valuable private keys, passwords, and more at risk of the elements and prying eyes. Our Stonebook pages are virtually indestructible and feature paper encryption and Ghost Ink functionality.

  • What Is The Shieldfolio Stonebook Made Of?

    80% limestone powder and 20% HD polyethylene. Limestone, one of the most abundant raw materials and is sourced as a waste product from quarries. The plastic, which serves as a binding agent, is obtained from old plastic bottles, from maize or sugar cane waste.

  • Is the Stonebook Fireproof

    The Stonebook is not fireproof. The resin that binds with the Stone has a low melting point. 

  • Is the ghost pen writing Invisible?

    It's very similar. The writing is only visible in UV light and certain other lighting conditions. When seen indoors, the text is hidden to the naked eye.

  • How Long Do Stonebooks Last?

    The Stonebook is virtually indestructible if kept out of prolonged sunlight. When exposed to permanent sunlight for 3-6 months, stone paper will start to turn brittle and decompose. 

  • Is Stonebook "Paper" More Sustainable Than Recycled Paper?

    Yes, the stone paper we use  is more environmental-friendly and sustainable than recycled paper. Hardly any fresh fibers are needed to recycle paper, but a lot of drinking water, bleach and other chemicals. There is still a lot of waste, more than in the production of virgin fiber paper.

  • Can I burry my Stonebook Underground?

    Yes, only when using ink from a ballpoint pen to store your information. 
    The paper has Non-Biodegradable elements within it in which insects cannot eat the paper. The Stonebook can also stay hidden to metal detectors, which gives it an advantage over metal wallets.

    Currently, the ghost ink pen is not suitable for this application.

  • Does the Ghost Pen ink ever come off?

    This Invisible ink is Permanent, but depending on the elements you expose it to determines the longevity. If always kept indoors at room temperature, this ink should last the lifetime of the paper it's written on. So essentially theirs no Expiration date to this ink.

  • Is the Ghost pen ink waterproof?

    Yes, it's definitely waterproof. Even in a Flood your writing is fully protected with its durable adhesive UV ink.

  • Why does ink from the Ghost pen overflow to other pages?

    Because Stone paper is an emerging new paper product, we are currently working on making the ink less visible throughout the pages. Meanwhile, you can skip every other page when writing to avoid slight overflow of ink through the pages. This process will preserve your writing more effectively. We are currently working on improving this. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us

  • Do you ship outside the U.S.?

    Yes, please view our shipping information here for more details.