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Is The Stonebook Secure?

Stonebook is as secure as you want it to be. It can be stored in a safe, or kept on your person with or without using the Shieldcrypt encryption and Ghost Ink

Can't I Just Use A Notebook To Write Keys In?

Of course! But you are putting your valuable private keys, passwords, and more at risk of the elements and prying eyes. Our Stonebook pages are virtually indestructible and feature paper encryption and Ghost Ink functionality.


What Is The Shieldfolio Stonebook Made Of?

80% limestone powder and 20% HD polyethylene. Limestone, one of the most abundant raw materials and is sourced as a waste product from quarries. The plastic, which serves as a binding agent, is obtained from old plastic bottles, from maize or sugar cane waste.


Is the Stonebook Fireproof?

The Stonebook is not fireproof. The resin that binds with the Stone has a low melting point. 


Is the ghost pen writing Invisible?

It's very similar. The writing only visible in UV light and certain other lighting conditions. When seen indoors, the text is almost invisible to the naked eye.


How Long Do Stonebooks Last?

The paper is virtually indestructible if kept out of prolonged sunlight. When exposed to permanent sunlight, stone paper will decompose after a few months if left open. If closed, the Stonebook can last 12 - 18 months in the sun.

Is Stonebook "Paper" More Sustainable Than Recycled Paper?

Yes, the stone paper we use  is more environmental-friendly and sustainable than recycled paper. Hardly any fresh fibers are needed to recycle paper, but a lot of drinking water, bleach and other chemicals. There is still a lot of waste, more than in the production of virgin fiber paper.


Can I burry my Stonebook Underground?

Yes, the paper has Non-Biodegradable elements within it. The Stonebook can also stay hidden to metal detectors, which gives it an advantage over metal wallets.