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Double Security 2 Pack Stonebook for Seed phrases and Private keys


The Ultimate Self-Custody Kit

Have you backed up your Seed Phrase yet? Lost track of Bitcoin Paper Wallets? If this is you, then don't worry, there's a safer solution now. Introducing The Shieldfolio Stonebook ™, a 100% Offline Notebook that allows you to back up your Crypto and NFT assets on durable water and tear-resistant pages.

With the Stonebook crypto notebook you will never have to worry about losing track of your crypto private keys, seed phrases, mnemonic phrases, or Hardware wallet recovery phrases ever again! The durable and lightweight Stonebook also means no more expensive and cumbersome crypto Metal wallets. Just throw the seed phrase paper notebook in your fireproof safe and never worry about losing your Cryptocurrency again. Pair it with the Ghost pen 👻  for added privacy. (Sold separately)

  •  Unhackable & 100% Offline 
  •  80 page Artisan Grade Per Stone Paper notebook
  •  Works with any Ballpoint pen type
  •  Crypto enthusiasts, bitcoin investors & cryptocurrency traders love it!
  •  Organize seed phrases, private keys and more
  •  Shieldcrypt paper encryption for maximum security
  •  Dimensions 3.5" x 5.5" inch Per Stone paper notebook 
  •  2 Pack Stonebook Bundle
  • World Wide Shipping
  • Orders generally ship within 48 Hours (weekdays)
  • Discreet Packaging
  • International orders subject to customs & duties

Store 50+ Crypto wallet's

* Private Keys   

​* Recovery Phrases  

* Seed Phrases​

* Usernames & Passwords  

​* 2FA's  (Two-Factor Authentication)

​* Notes 

* Shieldcrypt


Take your crypto seed phrase storage to the next level and pair the Stonebook with the Ghost Pen! The Ghost Pen protects you from revealing your information by using special ghost ink to hide plain text. The text is only clearly legible in UV Light and specific lighting conditions.


Protection from:

* Lurking eyes

* Photo snapshots

* Search & seizure confiscation

* Nosy people

* Waterproof


Shieldcrypt works by concealing critical characters of your cryptocurrency private key, making it useless to a thief. Shieldcrypt technology is integrated into the Stonebook (at the end of the notebook) and provides an additional layer of protection. It works by providing customers with a method of manually encrypting their private keys. This way if someone does have access to your Stonebook they will not be able to read or understand your manually encrypted private key because they will not be able to decrypt or decipher it on their own.

Double Security 2 Pack Stonebook for Seed phrases and Private keys


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Scott Schug
Great notebook

Great notebook