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Shieldfolio Stonebook and Ghost Pen FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we address your most pressing questions about the Shieldfolio Stonebook and Ghost Pen. Here, you'll find detailed answers on everything from the unique features and benefits of our products, to their usage, durability, and purchase process. Whether you're curious about the Stonebook's resistance to physical damage, the Ghost Pen's invisible ink technology, or how to buy our products from anywhere in the world, we've got you covered. Explore the FAQs to learn more about how the Stonebook and Ghost Pen can provide a secure, sustainable, and portable solution for storing your sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions




What is a Stonebook?

The Stonebook is an offline notebook that securely stores seed phrases, private keys, exchange logins, and features a manual encryption method. Made from durable stone paper, it's water- and tear-resistant, offering a secure alternative to traditional note-taking methods and providing peace of mind by safeguarding your digital assets.

Why use the Stonebook to record my private keys?

Compared with traditional paper, the Stonebook is a safer and more secure way to record your private keys and seed phrases. Stonebook pages are made from crushed stone. This makes the Stonebook resistant to tearing, oils and chemicals, water damage and paper-eating insects. When combined with the Ghost Pen, the Stonebook is the securest notebook for crypto in the world. Each purchase is backed by our 100% Guarantee Policy.


Why make paper made from stone?

If something its written in stone, it is written forever. The ancient Sumerians chiseled writing into stone tablets that have lasted 3,000 years. We like stone for its permanence. Stonebook pages are made from 80% limestone powder and 20% high-density polyethylene. The feel is similar to tissue paper, yet the pages are waterproof, resistant to grease and smudging, and can be washed. Traditional paper is made from wood pulp, which can decompose in as little as two weeks. The Stonebook is vastly superior. 


How long does the Stonebook last?

The Stonebook is virtually indestructible and made to last a lifetime. However, no security solution is completely invulnerable. If Stonebook pages are left open and exposed to continuous sunlight, they will decompose after a few months. If closed, the Stonebook can withstand 12 to 18 months of sunlight exposure.


What are the dimensions and weight of the Stonebook? Is it easily portable?

The Stonebook is designed with portability and discretion in mind. It measures 3.5 x 5.5 inches and weighs less than half a pound, making it compact and lightweight. This pocket-sized notebook is perfect for storing in tight, discreet locations for added security. Its small size also makes it ideal for on-the-go use, easily fitting in your pocket or a small bag. Whether you're traveling or just want a secure, portable solution for storing sensitive information, the Stonebook is a perfect choice.

I’ve recorded my data with ballpoint pen. What happens of the ink washes away?

Ballpoint ink is very unlikely to wash away. But rest assured. When you write into your Stonebook, you’re actually making permanent indentations into the pages, much like the Sumerians and their chiseled stone tablets. Stonebook paper is slightly malleable. The pressure from your pen tip creates permanent etches into the stone paper. This information can be recovered by scrawling a black pencil or crayon onto the reverse side of the page.

Why is the Stonebook superior to digital storage for private keys?

The Stonebook offers a secure, offline solution for storing private keys, free from digital threats like hacking. Its durable stone-made pages resist physical damage, while the Ghost Pen's invisible ink adds a layer of security, keeping your data hidden from the naked eye. This combination of physical robustness and security makes the Stonebook an excellent choice for safeguarding your crypto assets.

Is the Stonebook fireproof?

No, the Stonebook is not fireproof. However, the resin that binds with the stone in Stonebook pages has a low melting point. For superior protection, it is recommended you store your Stonebook in a fireproof safe. 

Can I bury my Stonebook underground?

Yes. Stonebook pages are non-biodegradable, impervious to paper-eating insects and metal detectors (an advantage over metal wallets). However, if you plan to bury your Stonebook, it is recommended you use ballpoint ink. Ghost Pen ink is not suitable for this application.

How is the Stonebook more environmentally friendly?

Stonebook pages are made from limestone (a waste product from quarries), while the plastic binding agents we use are derived from old plastic bottles, maize or sugar cane waste. In addition, Stonebook paper is naturally white, which eliminates the need for bleaches. This sustainable approach to making our product is superior to recycled paper, which requires significant energy, water and chemicals to produce. 

Can the Stonebook store other types of sensitive information besides crypto keys?

Absolutely, the Stonebook is not just for crypto keys. It's a versatile tool designed to securely store a wide range of sensitive information. This includes two-factor authentication codes, passwords, master passwords, secret keys, website logins, bank account details, and social media passwords, among others.

Ghost Pen

What is the Ghost Pen and how does it function?

The Ghost Pen is a state-of-the-art writing instrument that uses invisible ink, providing an added layer of security for your written information. This unique pen is equipped with a detachable cap that houses a UV light. When you remove the cap and switch on the UV light, it reveals the invisible ink on the Stonebook's special pages. This feature allows you to write securely with the Ghost Pen, safeguarding your text from unauthorized access. The Ghost Pen is particularly useful for protecting sensitive information like crypto keys, making it an essential tool for secure, offline data storage.

Is Ghost Pen ink invisible?

The concept is very similar. Ghost Pen ink is visible under UV light and certain other lighting conditions. Under normal indoor lighting, Ghost Pen ink cannot be seen by the naked eye. This makes the Ghost Pen ideal for recording crypto keys, seed phrases and passwords.

Is Ghost Pen ink permanent?

Ghost Pen ink is designed to be permanent. However, extreme conditions can impact its longevity. If always kept indoors at room temperature, Ghost Pen ink should last the lifetime of the paper it’s written on. Essentially, Ghost Pen ink does not expire. 


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International Orders (Outside the U.S.)

How can I buy the Stonebook and Ghost Pen if I'm based outside the U.S.?

No matter where you are in the world, purchasing the Stonebook and Ghost Pen is simple and convenient. You can place your order directly on our website, shieldfolio.com, or through our reseller, Cryptocloaks UK. We offer global shipping to ensure our products reach you, wherever you are. For the best shipping success rate, we recommend choosing DHL as your courier. However, we also provide USPS as another shipping option.

Will I have to pay customs and duties fees upon delivery?

Yes, depending on your location, you may be required to pay customs and duties fees upon delivery of your Stonebook and Ghost Pen. These fees are determined by the customs regulations in your specific country. It's recommended to check with your local customs office for more information on potential charges to ensure a smooth delivery process. Please note that these fees are not included in the purchase price and will be your responsibility upon receipt of the product.

For customs and duties calculations for international shipping, you can use the online tool "SimplyDuty".

Here are the product HS Codes: Stonebook - 4820.10, Ghost Pen - 9608.10

Do you have more information on International Shipping?

Yes! Please view our shipping information for more details.