Bitcoin Runes Self-Custody with Xverse Wallet

Bitcoin Runes Self-Custody with Xverse Wallet

In the vast and intricate landscape of Bitcoin and its emerging protocols, finding a wallet that supports both robust security and ease of use is essential. Xverse Wallet emerges as a premier choice for those dedicated to the self-custody of their digital assets. As a regular user managing my Bitcoin Runes through Xverse, I want to delve deeper into its features and demonstrate why it’s perfectly aligned with the principles of self-custody and secure crypto seed phrase storage.

A Closer Look at Xverse’s Key Features:

Empowering Self-Custody:
Xverse champions the concept of self-custody, ensuring that users like me have total control over our digital assets. The wallet secures private keys through robust encryption on the user's device, protected by a personally set password. This setup aligns perfectly with the principles of self-custody, where you are the sole guardian of your cryptocurrencies and your financial privacy. watch a video on how to set up an Xverse Ordinals wallet

Advanced Security with Biometric Authentication:
Enhancing the security of self-custody, Xverse integrates biometric authentication, allowing users to secure their wallet access through fingerprints or facial recognition. This feature not only fortifies security but also makes access remarkably convenient, maintaining a high security level without compromising on user accessibility.

Cold Storage Capabilities: Recognizing the need for ultra-secure storage, Xverse supports integration with hardware wallets such as Ledger. This feature is essential for long-term holders who require their assets, including Bitcoin and Runes, to remain secure in cold storage, thus enhancing the self-custody proposition by keeping tokens offline and away from potential online vulnerabilities. Check out How to connect your Ledger to Xverse quick setup guide

Open Source Integrity and Regular Audits: Xverse’s commitment to transparency is shown through its open-source codebase and regular audits by the reputable firm Least Authority. These practices ensure the wallet’s architecture remains robust and secure, providing users with peace of mind that their self-custodied assets are well protected. You can view the Full Audit Report here


User-Friendly Experience: Despite its advanced features, Xverse remains user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible for both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. This ease of use is critical for encouraging more users to adopt self-custody and manage their digital assets independently.


Xverse stands out as a comprehensive tool for anyone interested in the self-custody of their Bitcoin Runes, Ordinals and other cryptocurrencies. Its focus on security, privacy, and user-friendliness, coupled with the integration of secure seed phrase storage solutions like Shieldfolio’s Stonebook, makes Xverse an exemplary choice for managing digital assets securely. Visit for more information on how to enhance your crypto security strategy with reliable products like the Stonebook.